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In conjunction with our Mission Statement our department has developed various structured educational programs to help teach fire and life safety skills in our Township. Our hope is that through educational programs the residents of our Township will develop valuable life safety orientated habits so Plainfield Township will be a safer place to live.

The Plainfield Township Fire Department is a major player within the community in terms of Life Safety Skills Training. In addition to extensive educational programs, the Plainfield Township Fire Department has embarked on an Adopt-A-School program, which will enhance Learn Not To Burn programs.

Goals of the Adopt-A-School Program

  • Enhance our Learn Not To Burn program.
  • Provide each elementary school in Plainfield Township with an Adopt-A-School fire fighter who will act as a liaison and resource person, dealing with the Learn Not To Burn and other public education programs.
  • Provide each elementary school with information and resources needed to help educate all students about fire and life safety skills.
  • Provide a greater understanding of the role of the fire service.
  • Maintain the professional quality of public education programs.

This program includes a description of the Adopt-A-School program, Learn Not To Burn manuals, and career day information for junior high schools and high schools. In addition, resources for personnel have been included to help assist them as Adopt-A-School fire fighters and equipment operators.

This is a multi-faceted program with the intent of reaching the residents of Plainfield Township. Lifestyle changes as a result of this program will reduce property loss and save lives.

To be effective and achieve our goals, we will need to:

  • Be cautious
  • Set good examples
  • Be flexible
  • Be consistent
  • Be dedicated
  • Have fun
  • Use creativity
  • Demonstrate empathy
  • Follow basic guidelines

Expectations for Adopt-A-School Fire Fighters

  • Each "adopter" will attend a training session and will visit their adopted school on a regular basis for education programs.
  • The "adopter" will visit their adopted school on an informal basis for lunch, or to participate in other school activities.
  • Meet with their adopted school each September to develop a plan of when and how visits will occur and what will be covered during the visits.
  • The fire department will supply training, materials, equipment and information to ensure an effective and efficient program.
  • Each person involved in this program is expected to:

    1. Exercise professional work standards when representing the Plainfield Township Fire Department.
    2. Wear your uniform while involved in Adopt-A-School activities.
    3. Follow the program guidelines and logistics; always keeping the goals in mind.
    4. Familiarize yourselves with the content of the educational programs to help ensure consistency.
    5. Participate in training sessions in order to receive current educational information.
    6. Stay current with activities at the school.
    7. Be a positive role model for the students.
    8. Introduce and update the Learn Not To Burn curriculum to teachers and staff.

What is the Learn Not To Burn Curriculum?

One of the National Fire Protection Association's most important missions is to educate the public about fire safety. The NFPA firmly believes that teachers, along with fire fighters, can play a major role in fire safety education programs.

A vital part of this mission is the Learn Not To Burn Curriculum, now in use in tens of thousands of classrooms across the nation and abroad. By educating children, we encourage fire safe living throughout their entire lifetimes. Together, teachers and fire fighters can make an impact on our serious fire problem. The Learn Not To Burn Curriculum has been designed to integrate into existing classroom subjects so teachers will be able to use the program effectively in separate subject areas or as a complete educational unit. Detailed lesson plans on fire safe behavior make implementation easy for the teacher, and evaluation instruments challenge today's elementary students.

Since the Learn Not To Burn Curriculum was introduced, the NFPA has been notified of hundreds of lives that have been saved as a direct result of lessons learned at school.

What Does An Adopt-A-School Fire Fighter Do?

An Adopt -A- School fire fighter is a liaison/resource person for the school. This does not mean you have to coordinate and attend all events at the school. It does mean you will take requests from the school for resource materials and personnel. Communicate with your school on a regular basis.
Remember, your supervisors are here to assist you. Please tell us about the requests you are getting from your school and we will assist you in any way possible.

The role of an Adopt-A-School fire fighter is difficult to define for these reasons:

  • Each school utilizes their Adopt-A-School fire fighter in various ways.
  • Fire fighters participate in ways they feel most comfortable.
  • Expectations of schools and fire fighters vary.

Suggestions for Adopt-A-School Fire Fighters

Fire Fighters will be assigned a school in their respective district. It is necessary to ensure the staff at the school this does not mean more work for them. Rather, it gives them a valuable resource for presentations, resources, and information. The Adopt-A-School fire fighter can actually help reduce teachers' workloads by offering them assistance during Fire Prevention Week, Burn Awareness Week, Community Interaction Days, Career Days, and other events (holiday parties, open houses, field trips, ect.).

  1. Meet the principal and staff in September, during the first three weeks of school. At this meeting establish how you can help the school as a resource person.

  2. Book nine to ten days on the school calendar where you will be available and the teachers' can sign up for you or other fire department personnel to do presentations to their students. At this time they may also ask you if you are available to attend a school event on a particular day. If you are not available, contact your supervisor. If possible, arrangements will be made to have someone attend the event. Establishing, in advance, the days you are committed to is important to both the school and the Adopt-A-School fire fighter.

  3. Be flexible when opportunities for interaction occur; Try to accommodate requests.


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